Long time no post yet again. I’ve been very busy the last few months with work and what not, but I’ve still managed to make a few things for myself.

These range from pretty recent to kinda old but I hadn’t posted them here before, so I thought why not!


Another sketch

I wasn’t very happy with how the last one turned out in the end, but I really did like the idea that I had for it.

So instead of trying to fix something broken, I just tried again, from the start. It has it’s own set of problems of course, but I’m very happy with the progress compared to the previous. 🙂




I managed to whip up a sketch. Took well over a week, it was very much a “one leg here, one arm there” kind of thing.

I reworked the pose right in the middle of it, which made it turn out quite wonky sadly, but I have no energy to try and fix it, so I’ll just post it as is!


I will try to make a few more of these going forward, the goal of course being to ink and color them. 😉



Long time no update yet again. A lot of things transpired over the last few months, so I’ve not had the time or energy to think about maintaining my internet presence. First I had to deal with a very abrupt move with everything that comes with that, finding a new apartment, packing etc. I only had about 2 months to get all this done, so that was a very stressful time for sure.

But it all turned out well, I found a new place to live (better than the last place even!) and everything turned out alright, but it was a very close call.

In the middle of all this chaos I also got a job offer, which I of course had to say yes to. So starting right after the weekend I moved, I also started working full time as an on-site freelance 2D/3D artist. Which is great because I was also dangerously low on money at the time. 🙂

This has of course led to me not having much of anything to show on here, as I’m still in recovery during my free time, and not really been feeling like doing the same thing as I do during the day. It’s coming back though, I’m slowly starting to feel the urge to create something for myself again.

So thing are looking up! It might still be a while before I start updating here on the regular, but as I said, my thoughts have slowly been wandering this way so something is bound to be in the works.

From the Archive 30




This should be the last from the Archive post with a bit of luck. I made these for my portfolio while in school, I might even have written a post about it here on the blog before. I’m not sure.

I learned a lot about hand painting 3D models with these, and it was a lot of fun at the time. Next post should be with more recent stuff and an update on why I posted a million old and crappy things. 🙂

From the Archive 29


Just an old orc anatomy sculpt. At first we just had an assignment for sculpting a bust that we should retopologize and make as low poly as possible, while still keeping the details.

I was so happy with the face however that I made a full body for it afterwards. I also used an early version of it for another assignment where I made armor and stuff for it too.