Old stuff

I had a lot of old painted stuff lying around that I didn’t want to include in my portfolio. But I figured I should show I have been trying to paint for quite a while. So the solution is to hide it away here in the blog where you can find it if you’re interested but wont stumble on it in the portfolio.

So let’s start with a Zorn study I did last year. The likeness is obviously off but it was a great learning experience as far as I remember.

And here is an older concept sketch made from a thumbnail. It’s from the same thumb sketch compilation as I have in my portfolio obviously. It was a lot of fun and turned out okay. It was for a school assignment and I was fairly pressed for time if I remember correctly.

Here is a bunch of characters and stuff that’s also quite old now. But still I like them and they just sit on my hd so why not post them here with the rest of the stuff.

And then just a random bunch of unfinished studies made a few years back. Still quite happy with how the bananas turned out! I need to do one of these again soon and hopefully be amazed by how much faster and better it is (please?)