It looks hungry


Last week I decided to spend the first day randomly building and texturing something small, just to see how fast i could do it. So I made this Betamax player. It took about 5 hours to get it to this stage. I was gonna work more on it and maybe do a small animation of the cassette shooting out, but I got encouraged to spend my time on something more portfolio worthy, so I did. 😉

I had the same mindset with the next thing I made. I thought I should try pushing it a bit further than the last weapon I made. The texture turned out good but I was a bit conservative on the modeling. This is almost finished and took about 3 days to get to this point. I made a blockout in maya before I started sculpting on it in Zbrush. The concept is made by Firstkeeper just as the first axe I made.

I’ve been trying to push my speed in general and it’s nice seeing it improve at a noticeable rate.

From today and for 9 weeks going forward we will start our last game project at school. So updates might be focused on stuff I make for the game. It will be fun to have a long term project to work against again. 🙂