Karl’s Actual Time Machine


Bit of a gap again, things have been going slowly with our project. Quite a few of my group members are still looking for an internship spot so most of the focus is going in that direction. I was fortunate to get my position at just the company I wanted, Pieces Interactive, so I’m very pleased with that. But I have been stressing out over finding some place to live once my internship starts as well as trying to pack down our current apartment, causing quite the distraction.

I have however managed to build what will probably be close to the final design of our time machine. It comes with a coffee machine and is built from an old washing machine. Karl is a handy guy no doubt! I have also spent my time writing a list of effects we might need, as I will probably handle the effects and most of the main character animations.  Being the Jack of all trades that I am. :O