Quite a lot of time has passed since my last post, I have been very busy with my internship and life in general. Now that is over though and I have finally settled somewhat at home again.

I had a great experience during my internship but unfortunately the studio was hard pressed economy wise so they couldn’t keep me after my period was over.

I only managed to grab a few bad screenshots of some of the things I worked on, it’s of course easier to look at it in game. But I figured I could post it anyway.

Top left is a concept for a bartender that was going to be standing in the background at the character selection. We went with the bottom right version and you can see it in game just below the concept.

I also modeled and textured quite a few environmental tiles, they are up on the right side. I did a lot of kit bashing of different parts and pieces to make other tiles as well, like the green one up top on the right.

And I also made lots of different props. I made a few of the breakables and a few of the broken state meshes for other stuff, like the light post. I made some UI stuff too but didn’t catch any screens of that stuff.

And bottom left is a few character skins I painted, both in the lobby and in game.

So yeah, this is not all I did but it’s some of it. Great times all around.

So now I’ve been home for about a month, taking some time off but also dabbling in a few different projects of my own. I wanted to make a really efficient village, reusing as much of the textures as possible. I worked on this for a while and got to this point:

This is just a screen grab from Unity and is in no way finished. I use like 25% of the texture space on a 512 texture at the moment. This was a great challenge and I plan to finish it soon, I just got distracted by this next thing I stumbled upon.

Maps! I have always loved maps for games and books, ever since I was very young. I have however never tried to make any of my own. So with some time off I figured why not try it out. I first made a quick one in about a day. It didn’t turn out anything special, but it was a fun experience.

It’s based on a real location close to where I grew up. I just looked at google maps and started drawing. Once I finished this I jumped right onto the next one, which I spent a bit more time on. I’m not sure if I’m done with it yet, but I will let it rest for a few days so I can look on it with fresh eyes and see what might need improving.

I think it evolved nicely from the first one, but then again it took more than twice as much time to get here. I have had an unexpectedly good time doing these, and think I suspect I will keep drawing them for a while yet. 🙂

Other than that I’m on the lookout for a job, so don’t be afraid to contact me if you need some help making games!