PSQ projects

I don’t think I ever posted our school projects from PSQ here. I just realized that now and figured it would probably be a good idea to have them here, so it’s possible to look back at them in the future.

At PSQ we did 3 group game projects over the first year, with varying success as you will see. This was a great experience on all fronts, both in learning how to actually incorporate the things you make, and in working as a group. You are very dependant on your group members for things like this to work.

Project 1

This was the first game project we had at the school, and also the most successful one for me. I had studied 3D before I came to the school so I already knew how to make high poly models and normal maps. This set us apart quite a lot from the other groups.

I had to do quite a lot of things here, I sculpted and animated the tentacles, made a lot of concepts for the small sailors, painted the UI and just overall helped out where needed.


Project 2

This was a very hard project for me and everyone else involved too I imagine. We had 1 of our programmers drop out early, so we only had 1 programmer for the entire project. I mostly made environmental props and edited textures for this project.

Project 3

This was the final project at the school. We had a good group and mostly agreed on everything, but the planning for the third project is quite horrible, as it takes place at the same time as you are supposed to find an internship position somewhere, so you have to work on your school project, as well as your portfolio, find a company you want to intern at, as well as find a new place to live.

So the least I can say is that everyone involved was very stressed out the entire time, me included. I mostly did concept work and placeholder art on this project. I did a great deal of 2D animation as well, but most of it was not used in the end.

I ended up finding a company to intern at and a new place to live and then moving with my girlfriend, our cats and probably 50 moving crates + furniture in about a month. I think it took me the full 6 months of my internship to recover from that. 🙂